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Photography by Chris Bode

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Images from Western Lake Superior and Beyond

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Barque Europa, Tall Ships, Duluth Grand Canyon National Park, Hermit's Rest, Tonto Platform, backpacking Grand Canyon National Park, Granite Rapids, Colorado River, backpacking Straits of Magellan, Chile, Patagonia, Cruise, Australis, Cape Horn, Cabo de Hornos, South America Horseshoe Bend, Colorado River, Paige, Arizona, Marble Canyon, Sunrise Grand Canyon, Tonto Platform, backpacking, storm, clouds, Arizona, Colorado River Grand Canyon, Hermit Creek, backpacking, campsite, Arizona Grand Canyon, Tonto Platform, backpacking, hike, Arizona Curling, Superior Curling Club, lightpainting Manhattan, New York City, Sailboats, skyline, new york harbor Lake Superior, lighthouse, Wisconsin Point, ice, sunrise, morning Lake Superior, South Shore, Wisconsin, Sunset, beach, Brule River Mouth Pattison State Park, Big Manitou Falls, Waterfall, Wisconsin Amnicon River, Amnicon Falls State Park, Wisconsin, waterfall Duluth, Harbor, Shipping, Aerial lift bridge, lake superior, charles m beeghley Venice, Grand Canal, Gondola, Gondolier, Italy Sainte-Chapelle, Paris, stained glass, cathedral, church, Catholic, catholicism Verona, Italy, tile, roofs, architecture, tower, plaza Florence, Italy, Duomo, cathedral, architecture Duluth, ship, full, moon, rise, lake superior, reflection Capitol Reef National Park, desert, Utah, sunset, cliffs AGuarda, Spain, Harbor, Galicia, Atlantic, Ocean, Architecture, Boat forest, snow, christmas, spruce, pine, trees, wisconsin, amnicon falls, state park Bob Marshall Wilderness, Mountain Goat, Headquarters Creek Pass, backpacking, montana, rocky mountains, scapegoat wilderness Duluth Harbor, tugboats, tugs, shipping, lake superior, summer Split Rock Lighthouse, North Shore, Lake Superior, Minnesota, State Park, beacon, shoreline Spain, Galicia, Coastline, Coast, Atlantic, Ocean Porto, Portugal, River, Shoreline, Architecture, Europe, Hillside Great Gray Owl, side-lit, Wisconsin Bighorn sheep, portrait, Glacier National Park, Logan Pass minnesota, north shore, autumn, rocky vista, lake superior, superior hiking trail, tettegouche state park plant, fern, boreal forest, green Wisconsin Point, Lighthouse, Lake Superior, Wisconsin, sunset Lake Superior, Wisconsin Point, lighthouse, shipping, sunrise Notre Dame, cathedral, Paris, Europe, France, chandelier, Catholic, catholicism, church Austria, Alps, trekking, hiking, cattle, Alpenpark, Karwendel Falkenhutte, Austria, Alps, Alpenpark, Karwendel, Sunrise, Trekking Oia, Spain, Galicia, Europe, Stone, Wall, Wood, Door, Old, Weathered white pelican, st louis river, estuary, chambers grove Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Chapel Rock, Chapel Beach Canadian Bunchberries, Superior Hiking Trail lighthouse, Split Rock, Lake Superior, shoreline, beacon Kingsbury Creek, Stream, River, Duluth Lighthouse, Wisconsin Point Marigolds, Macro foliage, autumn, duluth, magney snively, spirit mountain Jay Cooke State Park, Minnesota, St. Louis County Glacier National Park, Margaret Lake, Mokowanis Lake, Montana Lighthouse, Sailboat, Duluth Glacier National Park, False Hellebore Black-eyed susan, autumn, foliage, Split Rock State Park macro, dragonfly Big Manitou Falls, Wisconsin, Pattison State Park Duluth, aerial lift bridge Amnicon Falls State Park, Now and Again Falls, Wisconsin Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, Douglas Fir Yosemite, Half Dome, Mirror Lake, black and white, winter, snow wisconsin point ice, sunrise, crystals Glacier National Park, Plants, Foliage Cape Horn, Cabo de Hornos, Chile, Patagonia, South America Lighthouse, Moonrise, Duluth, Canal Park Black-eyed susan, autumn, foliage Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, Hoodoos Yosemite, Valley, Fog, Half Dome, Bridalveil Falls Covered bridge, Amnicon Falls State Park, Wisconsin Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, Duluth Torres del Paine, Dickson Glacier, Lago Dickson, Chile, Patagonia, Andes, South America lighthouse, Split Rock, Lake Superior, sunrise Amnicon Falls State Park, Douglas County, Texture, Contrast Pine Needles, Macro Duluth, sculpture Glacier Grey, Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile, Circuit Horse Tail Falls, Yosemite, Galen Rowell, sunset, color dragonfly, macro, close-up Magellanic Penguin, Magdalena Island, Chile, Patagonia Grand Teton National Park, Lightpainting, Barn Macro, pine cones Torres del Paine, Chile, Patagonia, Glacier Gray, Ice Yosemite, upper yosemite falls, lower yosemite falls, winter, snow ice, patterns, macro, curves Windmill, Wisconsin, Douglas County macro, daisy St. Mary Lake, Glacier National Park, Wild Goose Island Glacier National Park, Cosley Lake, Pyramid Peak, Montana, Sunrise Maple Leaf, Autumn, Foliage magney snively, duluth, spirit mountain, foliage, autumn ladyslipper, showy Gooseberry Falls State Park, waterfall North Shore,Gooseberry Falls State Park, Lake Superior Torres del Paine, Chile, Patagonia, Los Torres Indian Paintbrush, Glacier National Park Glacier National Park, Thunderbird peak Barque Europa, Tall Ships, Niagara, Roseway, Lake Superior Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, sunrise Glacier National Park, Kintla Lake, North Fork Glacier National Park, Gable Mountain, sunset, Montana Cornucopia, Ice caves, wisconsin, south shore trillium, macro, flower Split Rock River, North Shore, Superior Hiking Trail, Minnesota Beach, Driftwood, Lake Superior Split Rock, Lighthouse, State Park, North Shore, Sunrise Glacier Lilly, Glacier National Park, Montana, wildflowers, close-up, macro Glacier National Park, beargrass water, swirl, monochrome, cedar, roots Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, Hoodoos Yosemite, Cathedral Peaks, Black and white, snow, winter Flower, Macro Porcupine Mountains State Park, Michigan Glacier National Park, Bowman Lake, driftwood Swallowtail, butterfly, macro North Shore,Cascade River State Park, Lake Superior Strathcona Provincial Park, British Columbia, Moss Amnicon Falls State Park, Wisconsin, Forest Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile, Andes, Landscape Glacier National Park, fawn, spotted Bark Europa, Brig Niagara, Tall Ships, Duluth, Lake Superior Munich, Germany, architecture, monochrome, bw, arches, hallway, bicycle AGuarda, Spain, Galicia, Atlantic, Ocean, Coast, Coastline, Harbor